Bwthyn Guddfan

Est. 12 October 2017

In October 2017 we had a Medium Garden Lodge installed by Garden Exteriors.

Garden Exteriors is the UK's original supplier of Authentic Arctic Structures. They make incredibly high quality products and provide excellent customer service, throughout the entire process

This monthly blog will show what life is like with a Garden Lodge, throughout the seasons

Each of the seats in the hut are covered with reindeer skins - to get the back story on their lives, click below to check out The Reindeer Diaries

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The Reindeer Diaries

The story of a Reindeer and his Friends

After a few sociable drinks sat around the fire we started to make up stories for the history
of each reindeer…….


Bruce liked to party. Bruce was the clown of the herd and was always pulling
pranks on the stags and frightening the does. Bruce was big, macho and loved to run in
the forest and hills. He was incredibly good at sports and his parents were extremely proud
of his many medals and trophies. Yes he liked the girls, what stag in his right mind
doesn't? He liked to organise stag nights out in the valley and drink birch sap whenever he
had the chance. It was the drink that stopped him getting the sports scholarship he wanted
to get into college. But he didn't let it get to him and was always the life and soul of the
herd. He got into sledge racing and plans to breed sled huskies in the future. He's coached
the local team for the last five years, but is yet to see a win. He attends the monthly races
and more often than not places whatever money he hasn't drunk on his favourite team.
This has meant he's received one or two visits from the Bears collecting what they're


Born in 1872, Leopold can trace his lineage back to the Tzar of Russia. He was
commander of the Royal Reindeer troops for 30 years until an old battle injury caused him
to hang up his battle harness. Now he lives in a quiet estate in the countryside and
manages the stables for a noble family. None of the young reindeer show the respect he
has always been used to and his war stories are just stories to them; he doesn’t think they
realise the importance of loyalty and dedication to create a sense of self-worth. The battles
he has seen, the men he has trampled down, the French, the Ottomans, good lord the
Ottomans. Leopold is proud, Leopold is fearless and has done his duty for his country. His
royal bloodline and ancestors would be proud of what he has done and how he has served
with dignity. His only regret is that the bloodline stops with him, a choice he had to make
for Tzar and country.

Dwayne a.k.a Rudolph

Dwayne was brought up in a small forest on the outskirts of a
really rough neighbourhood. When he was young his mother warned him not to get
involved with the young stags that played on the shady side of the valley. But Dwayne was
curious, and like many young stags of his age, he went against his mother’s wishes. It
wasn’t long before he was running with the wrong crowd. At his initiation he was given the
street name Rudolph. Soon he was heavily involved in drug smuggling for the gang (they
had the best quality high strength lichen around, see picture below). After a deal turned
bad he turned to catnip to hide from his problems, it was snorting catnip that gave him his
distinctive red nose. As Rudolph he was somebody else, his mother couldn't tell him what
to do, neither could his older brother. As Rudolph he could eventually take revenge on the
stag that had taken his father away from him. In a dominance fight that turned bad,
Dwayne's father was mortally wounded. He had never forgiven his brother or mother for
not taking action as he would have done had he been older and bigger. Rudolph wanted
justice through whatever means necessary, and this was the world that would enable him
to get what he wished for most.


From a young age, Clive realised he wasn’t the same as the other young stags. All
of the others would act all macho fighting each other, showing off and turn into drooling
snorting idiots when the does were in heat. All Clive wanted to do was hang around with
his best friend Sebastian. Sebastian wasn't like the others, he too wasn't that interested in
how Brittany or Shantel were chewing the grass and twitching their tails. Clive and
Sebastian would wander off and play tricks on each other and sometimes play dare. It was
during one of these dares that Clive began to realise something, Sebastian really was
more than a best friend, this was more than friendship. It was whilst Sebastian was
attempting to climb an apple tree when Clive noticed how particularly long and muscular
his hind legs were. Clive told Sebastian how he felt, Sebastian was initially shocked to
hear that Clive wanted to be more than just friends. After a long talk they decided to run off
together and join the amateur dramatics herd and spent the rest of their lives happily
performing Christmas pantos and Hans Christian Anderson plays.


There is always that one stag in the herd that every girl wants to be with.
Horacio was one of these stags. The shy, silent and brooding type, Horacio spent most of
his young adult life on the edge of the herd watching over the rest of them. As his father
was the alpha male he felt it was his responsibility to help out and keep everyone in line.
But this meant he was completely misunderstood by all the others in the herd. The guys
didn’t respect him, they thought he was a goody two shoes, a real daddies boy. The girls
would gather in groups and giggle and swoon, but none of them were brave enough to
approach him. Horacio just wanted to be loved. He wasn’t as aloof as he appeared; in fact
it was the fear of rejection by the herd that kept him distant. There was nothing he wanted
more than for Christina to see the real Horacio and set up a happy family together.

Month 1 - October 2017

The day of the build and the guys turned up bang on time, I was surprised when they told me it was all in the van. I couldn’t believe that they could fit the medium cabin and extension in the back; they must be great at origami.
Within minutes the base frame was set out and I was asked to confirm if I wanted to adjust the position on the foundation. In no time after agreeing the frame position the first walls went up; I think I spent the next few hours just smiling at the thought that a year of planning and building was finally coming to an end. It’s hard to put into words how great the guys were and how quickly it took shape through the day.

The finished cabin, what a beauty it is. After only having the slab to look at for the last few months it was a real pleasure to see the completed build, when the wife came home from work she was speechless (an unexpected bargain!).
It sits so well in its spot and can’t wait until the garden matures around it. We saw this one year ago at the Malvern show and it was fantastic, but now seeing it my garden it far exceeds my expectations.

Opening ceremony
Great to have the neighbours round for the first drinks, they were so impressed with the quality of the cabin and build. Needless to say we had a quick fire and too many bottles of Prosecco.

Wedding anniversary
26 years together, what could be better than sitting in the cabin with a nice fire listening to storm Ophelia raging outside. Add to that a couple of cheeky Penderyn whiskeys and bottle of Gluhwein warming in the kettle over the fire and it makes it perfect. What a great way to celebrate 26 years.

Think we have got the hang of this fire thing!, good job we have the extension to sit in and cool down a bit. On the plus side it didn’t take long for the kettle to boil

Well that is almost a month with the cabin and I can honestly say I could not be more pleased, I now have so many friends at work who are after an invite so the pressure is on to get the patio in.

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Month 2 - November 2017

Worst day ever! Took my favourite shoes to be re-soled (only had them for 10 years and worn every
day for work). The cobbler said these are beyond repair and performed the last rites and deposited
them in the bin.

So how do you console someone in this situation? The simple answer, go off grid and spend the
whole day in the cabin having a picnic with the cats (note to self the cats will mug you for sausage
rolls and tapas).

Tried out many different types of fuels for the fire and found they each have their benefits….

Smokeless coals perfect for toasting when glowing red and providing a constant heatSeasoned hardwood great for the crackle, flame, smell and heat that varies as it burnsSmokeless ‘crackle logs’ perfect for easy lighting and getting immediate heat in the cabinHeat logs great for flame and heating things up if needed immediately

Yet another great Friday night, freezing outside and toasty inside. Largest gathering so far with 9 of
us having a few beers and just chatting and laughing; created a nice, cosy atmosphere. Some of us
kept going until 0230!. This bodes well for the planned new years celebrations.

However don’t let kids play with keys, especially if they are 24!

We now have power, not only does this make the cabin look great at night but they are remote
controlled so we can adapt lighting to the type of party we are having. Can’t wait to get final bits of
building completed so we can start on the landscaping and planting.

Finally tried cooking on the fire, wow it makes the best jacket spuds ever. They are crisp on the
outside and soft and fluffy inside, perfect with a pan of slow cooked goulash.

A talented friend made this based on a rough sketch I made, absolutely superb, when the food or
gluhwein is ready give it a good ring and the people come running (Pavlovs dogs!). Also made a brilliant pokey stick

Finally got around to getting a set of bellows, best thing ever…no more smokey eyes and sparks in
the face from puffing too hard.

Roll on December - lets hope we get some snow!

Month 3 - December 2017

Now this is what we have been waiting for…..hoorah for bad weather and snow, the cabin looks
fantastic in its natural environment.

Nice little watercolour, we intend to do quite a few pictures like this and create and album for guests
to look at when they visit.

Really great start to the month when I took delivery of an accessory pack from Garden Exteriors, as
you can see from the pictures it is high quality, some of it is a bit quirky but perfectly complements
the cabin; can’t wait to use it at Xmas with friends and family.

Lovely little book with a wooden cover, Janet reused a Xmas card to create a brilliant front cover.

And fantastic wooden plates and knives (very sharp) & forks, these will be brilliant for steaks.

These are great little mugs and are perfect for a wee tipple to warm the blood on a cold night.

No excuses for a late night anymore, it’s great to sit with the fire roaring and listen to the gentle tick
of the clock. So relaxing!.

This has created its own challenge…how quickly can we get it up to 20 degrees. During early December snow it was -1 outside 9 inside and 20 within about 45 mins.

How brilliant is this? an old retro mobile but really useful.

Can’t believe how well these are carved, almost don’t want to use them as they are so nice to look at. They have a great feel and are beautifully crafted.

Was blown away with this, at first couldn’t work out if it was just an ornament but a little investigation found a perfect container for the cabin. Think these binoculars will definitely not help our vision, they have now been renamed Jack and Gin.

Apparently powdered reindeer horn is the Scandinavian Viagra, who knew. Best keep this under wraps for New Year’s Eve!.

As soon as we decided to buy the cabin we had one goal in mind….Xmas breakfast in the cabin toasting crumpets. GOAL ACHIEVED NUM NUM. Me and the boy living the dream, hot toasted crumpets with lashings of butter and Gluhwein.

That is a happy face 6 crumpets down

The first ever crumpet for Thailand, welcome to our great sister in law Surat and hubby Matt.

As it is Xmas roasted chestnuts are a must, probably 50 years since I last roasted any and forgot just how hot they got! Glad for the Stovax log burner gloves that we needed to handle them.

Kids opening presents on Xmas morning this is the second goal achieved.

Now let's get the party started

After many happy days and nights of use we are over the ‘its still new’ and don’t worry about the odd spark that jumps out or footprints on the floor. Now we are in the let's get the fire going, it's great to get a good size fire to ward off the new year chill and gale force winds.

Happy new year from da fam, too much Prosecco!

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